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B A K ERY                                        MINI ROLLS
                                                 Our mini rolls can be ordered by the straight
Choose from our fabulous range of platters,      dozen or by mixed platters.
quiches and pizzetta’s perfect for functions,
entertaining and office catering.We also offer   •	 Roast chicken, aioli, avocado & lettuce.
                                                 •	 Ham, tomato, mustard & tasty cheese.
Finger food, Catering and Cakes Menus too!       •	 Mixed salad, hommus & tasty cheese.
Just ask us.
                                                 Small Platter (12 mixed rolls) 	              $55
CLUB SANDWICHES                                  Medium Platter (24 mixed rolls) 	            $100
Our delicious sandwiches are layered and         Large Platter (36 mixed rolls) 	             $145
cut into four points, made with the following
combinations;                                    QUICHES 10” (Serves 9 main serves)           $55
                                                 Our quiches are easy to reheat & serve
•	 Chicken, avocado, rocket & brie.              for a yummy lunch or dinner function.
•	 Ham, tomato, mustard & tasty cheese.
•	 Egg, lettuce & tasty cheese.                  •	 Three cheese & herb.
•	 Salmon, crème fraiche, tomato & cucumber.     •	 Bacon, spring onion & tasty cheese.
•	 Roast vegetable, hommus, spinach & pesto.     •	 Roma tomato, spinach & tasty cheese.
                                                 •	 Roast pumpkin, red onion & feta.
Small Platter (28 points)		                $55   •	 Roasted vegetable & pesto.
Choose up to 3 combinations.                     •	 Salmon, brie & garden herb.
Medium Platter (56 points)                 $100  •	 Asparagus, corn & goats cheese. (Seasonal)
Choose up to 4 combinations.
Large Platter (84 points) 		               $155
Mixed with all combinations. unless specified.   PIZZETTA’S 9” (Slices into 6 pieces) $15
                                                 Our pizzetta’s are a great warm option for
BAGUETTES                                        parties, meetings & office lunches.
Our yummy baguettes are a more substantial       A minimum of 3 pizetta’s is required of the
option than sandwiches or rolls & are great for  same variety.
lunches, picnics and meetings.
                                                 •	 Roast pumpkin, red onion, garlic, feta,
•	 Ham, brie, tomato chutney & salad.              walnut & rocket.
•	 Grilled chicken, avocado, garlic mayo,
lettuce & tasty cheese. 	          	             •	 Chicken, pesto, spinach & mozzarella.
•	 Salad, avocado & tasty cheese.                •	 Shaved ham, roast mushroom, olive & napoli.

•	 Grilled vegetable with pesto, spinach         TO PLACE YOUR ORDER:
& sundried tomato.                               We can help guide you on the
                                                 selection and quantities of your order.
Small Platter (16 pieces)		                 $70  We always appreciate advanced
Choose up to 2 combinations.               $135  notice wherever possible and at the
Medium Platter (32 pieces)                 POA   latest, 48 hours notice is required.
Choose up to 3 combinations.                     Payment is due at the time of placing
Large Platter (48 pieces) 		                     your order.
Mixed with all combinations.                     Phone: 9436 3210
                                                 In Store: Rivers Cafe & Foodstore
Our emphasis is producing quality
handmade products with an attention                          28 Kurrak Rd,Yarrambat.
to detail.We use the finest ingredients
and expertise to ensure your
complete enjoyment and satisfaction.
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