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Your Tailor Made Experience

Our highly qualified professionals are here to help and advise you with your Hair, Beauty
  & Spa needs.We are able to create a tailored experience from all of our services and
                         treatments leading up to and on your special day.

For the best results and comfort in hair removal, we use the most advanced hot & strip
waxes.They are designed to soothe, calm and assist in reducing skin redness, giving
exceptional results every time.
For the most natural & flawless tan, you can’t go past Tuscan Tan. Made with the highest
quality and naturally derived ingredients, this tan will make you glow and feel healthy all
year round! We offer both the 8 hour or 90 minute options.
Using the highest quality tints, have your eyelashes and eyebrows coloured so you can go
without mascara for up to three weeks.
Eyebrow Make Over
Have your eyebrows shaped, waxed, trimmed and tinted to accentuate your eyes and
overall look.You wont believe the difference!
‘Wasp’ Eyelashes
We use and reccomend Wasp high quality human hair adhesive strip lashes.They are fast
to apply making an instant impact and can be re used up to 5 times.We can apply them
for you or you can buy a kit to apply them at home yourself.
Manicures & Pedicures
OPI Gelcolor & Polishes are leaders in the industry.We offer a variety of Manicures and
Pedicures to suit your individual needs, using their full range of specialised products.
Inika Mineral Makeup
Experience a truly unique makeup which is Australian made with all products either 100%
Certified Organic, pure mineral or both.They are made from natural pigments creating
rich, deep colours with incredible long lasting results.
We use superior salon only skincare products in all our facials.They include the highest
quality active ingredients for the best results.We also offer retail products so you are able
to maintain your skincare routine at home. Our facials are perfect for both women and
men, and are an important part of preparing for your wedding day.

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