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FINGER FOODS                                    P L AT T E R S

Choose from our delicious selection of          Our platters are perfect for functions,
sweet and savoury finger foods. All items       entertaining and office catering.We also
require a minimum of 24 pieces and you          offer club sandwiches, baguettes, rolls and
can order additionally by the dozen.            pizetta’s in our Bakery & Catering Menu.

Mini Quiches                            $55     Dips & Flatbread Platter (Serves 20) $30
Bacon, spring onion & tasty cheese. 	           House made dips served with warm
Pumpkin, red onion & goats cheese. (V)          flatbread & corn chips. (V)
Mushroom, thyme & feta. (V)	
Roasted vegetables, basil & feta. (V)           Graze Platter (Serves 15-20)	               $35
                                                Semi dried tomatoes, marinated feta, basil
                                                pesto & mixed olives. Served with crackers
Classic Sausage Rolls                   $50     and flatbread. (V)
A guaranteed crowd pleaser!

Crumbed Chicken Goujons 	               $60     Cheese & Crackers (Serves 10)               $45
Bite sized chicken pieces tossed in a           Brie, cheddar & blue cheeses served with
lemon zest, oregano & sesame crumb.             crackers & quince paste.

Mini Pizza Bites                        $55     Chocolate Indulgence (36 pieces)            $65

Pesto, tomato & feta. (V)                       Mini chocolate profiteroles, choc dipped
                                                strawberries & choc-orange tartlets.
Shaved ham, Napoli, tasty cheese & pineapple.

Risotto Balls 	 		                      $55     Fruit & Chocolate Fondue (Serves 10) $55
Pumpkin, basil & pine nut. (V)                  A selection of seasonal fruits served with
                                                chocolate fudge dipping sauce. (GF)
French Crepe Pinwheels 	
Smoked salmon, creme fraiche & spinach. $40
Shaved ham, cranberry & brie.           $30     Our emphasis is producing quality
                                                handmade products with an attention
Create Your Own Mini Dessert Buffet!            to detail.We use the finest ingredients
We have plenty of traditional favourites and    and expertise to ensure your complete
treats to satisfy any sweet tooth! You can      enjoyment and satisfaction.
additionally order extra by the dozen.
                                                TO PLACE YOUR ORDER:
Chocolate Fudge Brownie (24 pieces)	 $48
Hedgehog Slice (24 pieces) 	            $35     We can help guide you on the selection
Belgian Chocolate Profiteroles (24 pieces) $25  and quantities of your order.
Healthy Apricot Coconut Balls (24 pieces) $48   We always appreciate advanced notice
                                                wherever possible and at the latest, 48
Lemon Slice (24 pieces)		               $38     hours notice is required. Payment is
Chocolate Crackles (24 pieces)	         $35     due at the time of placing your order.

Peanut Butter Fudge Squares (24 pieces) $48     Phone: 9436 3210
Chocolate Ganache Tartlets (24 pieces)	 $48     In Store: Rivers Cafe & Foodstore
Baby Lemon Tartlets (24 pieces)	        $48
                                                            28 Kurrak Rd,Yarrambat.
Freshly Baked Scones (per dozen) 	 $35
Each dozen includes a 300gm jar of our
raspberry jam & freshly whipped cream.
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